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197 Vallejo Liquid Mask 17ml. Bottle

Used to reserve areas which are to remain unpainted, especially in airbrush techniques, but also with watercolors and temperas (Designers Liquid Colours, Liquid Acrylic, and India Ink). Liquid Mask forms a protective film on the area that the artist does not want to paint. Once the work is dry, Liquid Mask is rubbed off with an eraser or piece of cloth, revealing the unpainted area. If the masking fluid is used with Model Color, paint should be diluted with water since the undiluted acrylic may form a uniform coat with Liquid Mask and will lift off together with the product when the work is done.

197 Vallejo Liquid Mask 17ml. Bottle Click on picture(s) to zoom in

Type = Paint, Glues and Finishing Supplies
Category = Masking Products
Scale =
Material = Acrylic
Date of Release = 2010-01-01

Status: Available
This item is Normally Stocked but may take up to two weeks for delivery if not in stock. We will notify you of any delays
Suggested Retail Price: $3.29


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