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The Michigan Toy Soldier Company features a series of monthly events at our retail store. Covering a wide variety of topics we hope there is something of interest for all types of collectors and hobbyists. Below you will find a schedule of upcoming events*

*Some events have limited seating and are available on a first come first served basis.
Please Sign-up via email or call the shop at 248-586-1022.

Date of last update: 21november2009

Saturday December 5th
MIG Productions Presents:
Working with Mig Metallic Pigments
Mig Metallic Pigments are a extensive collection of high quality metallic pigments. You can use metallic pigments directly with a small brush to create authentic metallic reflections on your spacecraft, robots, motors or any other kind of machinery. You can create your own colors by blending these pigments with other metallic colored acrylics, enamels or lacquers. You can also mix them with wax, turpentine, oil and acrylic mediums, gel, water or Mig Fixer to obtain different effects.

Learn the ins and outs on how to use these new pigments with a hands on demonstration by MichToy's own master modeler Dave Youngquist. MIG pigments will be available for use during the demo so bring in a model or figure to work on. Door prizes will be provided by MIG.

Saturday December 19th
MichToy Holiday Open House
Hot on the heels of the widely successful Halloween extravaganza noted candy expert Santa Jillian will be who will bring her vast knowledge holiday sweets to the table during our new annual Holiday open house. Cookies, candy you name it, she knows the ins and outs of them all. Tour the MichToy Museum all day and also included will be our Michigan Toy Soldier New Product Release Day which is your chance to see all of the numerous goodies that we have received in the past month. Plastic Toy Soldiers, Model Kits, Figure Kits, Metal Toy Soldiers, Games, Books, Magazines, Hobby Supplies  etc. Meet fellow collectors. Learn the latest news and upcoming events. Hands on demonstrations of new products.

Saturday January 2, 2010
Grex Airbrushes Presents:
Airbrush Demo with the Grex Tritium Airbrushes and Working with Xuron Modeling Tools
Grex Tritium airbrushes represents a premium line of double action pistol style trigger airbrushes. Their intuitive easy-to-use design appeals to beginners, yet their fine detail control and comfortable operation makes them appeal to professionals as well.

Grex Tritium airbrushes are a comprehensive line that can accommodate to your airbrushing preferences - top or side gravity, left or right hand, big or small reservoir, fine or wide spraying. These are feature packed airbrushes and you'll find the same reliable, high performance quality you've come to expect from any Grex product.

Grex Tritium airbrushes come in two forms - Tritium.TG, a top gravity version and Tritium.TS, a side gravity version. Each version is available in three different models with either a 0.2mmm, 0.3mm or 0.5mm nozzle size.

Other than feed type, features of the Tritium.TG and Tritium.TS are the same. Which one to choose is really a matter of preference. See the advantages of each versions' feed type by clicking here.

The nozzle size on any of the Tritium airbrushes can be changed with optional conversion kits. See side panel for the different model numbers, contents of the airbrush sets and information on the Nozzle Conversion Kits.

Learn the ins and outs on how to use the Grex Tritium airbrush, compressor and accessories by MichToy's own Doug Dearth. The Grex Airbrushes will be available for use during the demo so bring in a model or figure to work on. Door prizes will be provided by Grex.

Xuron Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ergonomic electronics-grade hand tools for the electronics, aerospace, plastic molding, hobbies, craft, floral and fishing industries.

Xuron holds numerous domestic and international patents, including an inventor's patent for the original Micro-Shear® flush cutter and its unique cutting action.

Xuron tools are manufactured in Saco, Maine, where quality, an outstanding work ethic and flawless craftmanship are a long-time tradition.

Xuron has provided MichToy with all their great hobby tools for this hands on demonstration by Dave Youngquist. Door prizes will be provided by Xuron.

Saturday January 9, 2010
ALCLAD II Lacquers Presents:
Working with Alclad II Lacquers
Alclad II Lacquers will reproduce a wide range of realistic and durable metal finishes on aircraft, car and truck models, armor and figures. The Prismatic colors can be used to create unique customized cars, trucks and polycarbonate/lexan bodies.
Alclad II's wide range of uses make it the perfect finish for injected polystyrene kits and polycarbonate/lexan bodies. Alclad II is available with both 'plastic or lexan' instructions .

Learn the ins and outs on how to use these paints on armor and aircraft, models, sci-fi and space ships with a hands on demonstration by Dave Youngquist and Scott Whitworth. Alclad Lacquers will be available for use during the demo so bring in a model or figure to work on. Door prizes will be provided by Alclad Lacquers.

Saturday January 16, 2010
Whitworth Sculpture Studio Presents:
Mold Making and Casting Demo
Join Scott Whitworth for a demo on mold making and casting using various materials. More details soon.